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Do You Believe?

Many people believe in a higher power. I personally believe in God, and there isn’t a day I don’t say a few prayers. As a writer, however, I find myself asking Him for the courage to apply for writing positions I keep telling myself I’m not qualified for.

I admit I struggle a lot with believing in myself, despite having hundreds of articles published at content mills such as Bright Hub, Break Studios, LIVESTRONG and Demand Studios. I doubt myself despite successfully landing gigs doing ghostblogging for criminal law, personal injury and DUI attorneys. I’ve ghostwritten articles on auto insurance, career planning, credit/debt management and even bean bags. Still, I bypass many writing opportunities simply because I lack the belief that I can do it.

The past month has been rough on my psyche. Writing job leads that initially appeared promising went cold once I found out they paid anywhere from a fraction to a whole penny per word. Potential clients lost interest when I asked for more than a few pennies per word, and others didn’t respond at all. I try to take it in stride and keep plugging away at my craft and in my search for new clients. Moving away from content mills is turning out to be quite a challenge, but it’s also a test of my faith and my determination to succeed. Some days I’m more optimistic than others.

What about you? Do you believe you have what it takes to compete with other seasoned writers for writing jobs, even if you have no clips? Do you believe you will succeed? Will you still believe you will make it even after your 50th rejection?

What keeps me going, despite my self-doubts, is knowing I’m capable of being a damn good writer. I just need to step out of my own way and really go for it.

I can’t promise that I’ll be cool as a cucumber when I land my first plumb gig.  No doubt I’ll be ecstatic, but I’ll also be scared that I’ll screw it up. I hear all writers experience the same feeling, so I should be fine…I hope.


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