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Would You Still Write if You Won the Lottery?

Let’s say you’re one of those writers who has some clients, but not enough to generate a comfortable monthly income. One day you decide to buy a Powerball lottery ticket just for the hell of it, thinking you’ve probably just threw away money that would’ve been better spent on a bag of chips and a soda. Later, you nonchalantly scope out the winning numbers.

In seconds, you’re checking your numbers not once, but several times to make sure you’re not hallucinating. You’ve won! You’re an instant multimillionaire. You never have to type another letter for the rest of your life. You can stay in bed until noon and spend the rest of the day eating Twinkies and watching daytime talk shows–and not have to worry about how your bills will get paid.

Now that you’re among the filthy rich, would writing now become your hobby, or would you still write with the hopes of becoming published and building a client list?

Would writing be put on the back burner while you pursue other interests you never had the time nor the money to invest in?

Would you still write for low-paying content mills just to continue developing your writing skills?

Would you still write for clients with whom you have a good relationship with, but who pays you a lot less than you’d like?

Would you still write for publications who only offer publication and exposure rather than money?

Or would you finally start doing the type of writing that you always wanted to do? Like that novel or screenplay you never had time to write? Or self-publishing and marketing your own newly written book instead of submitting it to one agent after another?

I would enjoy being “in the money” and write fiction. I would enter fiction writing contests and submit short stories to various publishers. I would also invest a good copywriting course. I would still do work for current writing clients, but I would probably be very selective about  potential new clients.

What about you? Would you still write if you won the lottery?






Still a writer…so far

It was a message from a new writer buddy on Linkedin that made me realize I had totally forgotten about this blog for quite some time now. It also made me aware that more people look at this blog–and notice when it’s gone quiet–than I realized. So, what better way to develop a writer’s discipline than keeping one’s blog updated. Easier said than done, trust me, but I know I can do it if I set my mind to it.  Lately, my mind’s been all over the place.

I welcomed in 2013 in tears. I had made the heart-wrenching decision to surrender my car to the finance company. I could no longer afford the the monthly payment and the car also needed several hundred dollars of repairs I sure as heck couldn’t pay for. Struggling to keep it had become mentally and emotionally draining. I had to let it go. Five months later, I got a check for over $700 in the mail. The finance company had sold the car for more than what I still owed on it and sent me the difference, minus a few hundred dollars they kept for “expenses incurred”.

I stepped back my from writing ambitions to explore other homebased and brick-and-mortar career paths. Writing is enjoyable, but unless you write 24/7 or crank out nothing but blockbuster best-selling novels, it doesn’t create a steady income. Having another income stream is a must, unless you thrive on being broke and living on the edge of eviction. I’m currently exploring the possibility of being a virtual assistant or a general transcriptionist, which would utilize my nearly 30 years of administrative/clerical experience.  The virtual assistant avenue seems more feasible, and I think it would be a nice compliment to my writing venture.

My writing gigs since the beginning of the year have mainly come via Writer Access. I am active on five Love Lists. I know it’s not much, but I’m just starting to really get my feet wet with WA.  I like writing for them. I wish they paid weekly rather than monthly, but it’s all good. My weekly blog client and I amicably parted ways earlier this year as well. He decided to go in another direction, and I wish him much success in his endeavors.

On a personal note,  I mourned the sudden and unexpected passing of my aunt. I also got serious about adapting the healthier lifestyle that I love to write so much about and starting watching my diet and exercising. I’ve dropped nearly 20 lbs so far and still have LOT more to go. I feel better already.

‘Til next time, stay strong, stay positive and keep the faith!

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