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Still a writer…so far

It was a message from a new writer buddy on Linkedin that made me realize I had totally forgotten about this blog for quite some time now. It also made me aware that more people look at this blog–and notice when it’s gone quiet–than I realized. So, what better way to develop a writer’s discipline than keeping one’s blog updated. Easier said than done, trust me, but I know I can do it if I set my mind to it.  Lately, my mind’s been all over the place.

I welcomed in 2013 in tears. I had made the heart-wrenching decision to surrender my car to the finance company. I could no longer afford the the monthly payment and the car also needed several hundred dollars of repairs I sure as heck couldn’t pay for. Struggling to keep it had become mentally and emotionally draining. I had to let it go. Five months later, I got a check for over $700 in the mail. The finance company had sold the car for more than what I still owed on it and sent me the difference, minus a few hundred dollars they kept for “expenses incurred”.

I stepped back my from writing ambitions to explore other homebased and brick-and-mortar career paths. Writing is enjoyable, but unless you write 24/7 or crank out nothing but blockbuster best-selling novels, it doesn’t create a steady income. Having another income stream is a must, unless you thrive on being broke and living on the edge of eviction. I’m currently exploring the possibility of being a virtual assistant or a general transcriptionist, which would utilize my nearly 30 years of administrative/clerical experience.  The virtual assistant avenue seems more feasible, and I think it would be a nice compliment to my writing venture.

My writing gigs since the beginning of the year have mainly come via Writer Access. I am active on five Love Lists. I know it’s not much, but I’m just starting to really get my feet wet with WA.  I like writing for them. I wish they paid weekly rather than monthly, but it’s all good. My weekly blog client and I amicably parted ways earlier this year as well. He decided to go in another direction, and I wish him much success in his endeavors.

On a personal note,  I mourned the sudden and unexpected passing of my aunt. I also got serious about adapting the healthier lifestyle that I love to write so much about and starting watching my diet and exercising. I’ve dropped nearly 20 lbs so far and still have LOT more to go. I feel better already.

‘Til next time, stay strong, stay positive and keep the faith!


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