Sharing the good, the bad, and the stuff that makes you go "Hmm.."


My life changed in December 2009. I arrived at my day job as an Administrative Assistant for an engineering firm. Shortly before lunchtime, I was called into the Human Resources Administrator’s office. When I saw my boss, I knew I was either going to be fired or laid off. It was the latter. After 15 years, I got a decent severance package and an exit interview during which the final ties to the company was forever severed.

I took it as a blessing. Company reorganization had resulted in management/departmental changes that left me with the short end of the stick, and I was the most miserable I’d ever been on any job I held. I held my head up high as I walked out of that door in anticipation of walking through door  I knew God would soon open for me. I explored new career options and ended up revisiting a former aspiration–being a writer. The rest is the beginning of new chapter of my life. I’ve written articles, web content, blog posts and hope to add ebooks and copywriting to my portfolio.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and that it inspires you in some way.





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